He got a room at the Holiday Inn and walked around the West End, his old neighborhood. Houses were being restored. Coffee shops had opened all over the place. Popeye's, the bar with the tail of a light plane sticking out from its roof, was just the same. As he walked up Gray Street, Joe saw the small man who used to collect his returnable bottles. He was on his knees in front of St.

"How'd you get in here?" "Back door." "The back door? We unlock one of the most important secrets of space and time, and you walk in through my back door?" "We, uh... lost a clipboard." Denny stared for a moment before throwing the empty packing box to the floor. "Oh, Lord. Who has it?" "Remember Tom? He clocked Forrester at Popeye's. Took his clipboard.

The TV in the bar was on, and the man at Tom's side was letting his mouth run loose as he sucked back on his third beer in Popeye's none-too-copyrighted Pub. Jeez, he thought, I finally meet the one, the one, and she's going out with Kurt. With Kurt! How does he do it? Alona's, what, his third this year?

Eventually, they found themselves at Popeye's pub, where they had a sandwich and a few beers, and decided to kill the rest of the evening with a movie. After a short walk, they saw the marquee, which read: "BRIDE, GHOULS, & PLAN 9!" Rhonda seemed to have noticed it first, taking Julia's hand and leading her toward the theater.