When he entered the wood, there were absolutely no Confederate troops in front of him. Sedgwick pushed him back, and his left was coming obliquely into the open at the bottom of the hollow beyond the wood, when, at the very moment, McLaws's and Walker's Confederate divisions came upon the field.

Anderson's and McLaws's sharp-shooters were advancing and already exchanging shots with the enemy's skirmishers the line of battle of these two divisions having been partially extended over the space previously occupied by Jackson's corps, that they might cover its movements.

Longstreet may be behind those hills. Well, we'll crush Longstreet! We'll build our bridges under cover of this fortunate fog, and go over and defeat Longstreet and be far down the road to Richmond before a man can say Jack Robinson!" "Jack Robinson!" said the brigade from McLaws's division Barksdale's Mississippians drawn up on the water edge of Fredericksburg.

At one blow the whole left wing of General Meade's army seemed thrown into irretrievable confusion, and Hood pressing forward on McLaws's right, hastened to seize upon the famous Round Top, from which he would be able to hurl his thunder upon the flank and rear of the Federal line of battle. The scene, like the conflict which now took place, was wild and singular.

Longstreet's plan of assault was to attack the northwest angle of the fort with two columns of regiments, consisting of Wofford's and Humphrey's brigades of McLaws's division. Anderson's brigade was to attack the infantry trench a little east of the fort. Longstreet's instructions were to make the assault at break of day on the 29th.

You will start at dawn. Besides your own you shall have McLaws's and Anderson's divisions. The remainder of the army will leave Frederick an hour or two later. Colonel Chilton will at once issue the order of march." He drew a piece of paper toward him and with a pencil made a memorandum SPECIAL ORDERS, NO. 191. The remainder of the ninth of September passed.