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Hee-o, wee-o, hear the wild bees hummin', See the blackcock by the burnie drummin', Wattle-weaving sit we snug and couthie, Hee-o, wee-o, birdling in our boothie! Hush thee, my baby O! dark is the night Cuddle by kiln-ring where fire burns bright. Trampling our turf-roof wild cattle we hear Cave-folk in winter have nothing to fear.

Hee-o, wee-o, hear the pipes a-croonin', Like the dragon's beetle-wings a-droonin', Dyeea guard us from the Sword-man's quellin', Hee-o, wee-o, bairnie in our dwellin'! Hush thee, my baby O! hear the dogs bark, Herdin' the lammies home out o' the dark. Cradled and christened frae goblin's despite, House-folk we hear the kirk bells through the night.

Kling-klang, ding-dong, hear the hammers clinking Stone pots, iron kettles, copper cups for drinkin'! Elf-shots for bowmen plough a mighty furrow Hee-o, wee-o, foxling in our burrow! Hush thee, my baby! The Beltane's aglow, Making the deasil the wiseacres go. Brewing our heather-wine, dancing in round Earth-folk are we, by her spells are we bound.

Hee-o, wee-o! hear the cricket chirrin', Hear auld Bawthrens by the ingle purrin', Christ us keep while daddie's gone a-huntin'! Hee-o, wee-o, bonnie Babie Buntin'! The winds and the waters our Father shall praise, The birds, beasts and fishes shall tell o' His ways. By seashore and mountain, by forest and ling, O come all ye people, and praise ye our King!