He was so frightfully tired of life and its struggles; tired of being a Have-Not. To help the other Have-Nots, to put pleasant things into their hands as far as might be, seemed to Peter at this moment the thing for which one existed. It is obviously the business of the Have-Nots to do that for one another; for the Haves do not know or understand.

This distinction between Have and Have-not led to confusion and revolt, to brigandage on the one side and constant insecurity on the other. Hence disorders of a violent and interminable kind, which gave rise to the most deeply designed project that ever entered the human mind.

Day by day it becomes more evident that the purse-proud snobocracy of New York's old rat- catchers and sprat peddlers is fast getting a foothold in the West, that the social gulf between the House of Have and that of Have-Not, is steadily widening and deepening that we have reached that point in national decay where gold suffices to "gild the straitened forehead of the fool," where WEALTH instead of WORTH" makes the man and want of it the fellow."

Society had decided that intolerance and hatred were caused by inequality. The jealousy of the inferior toward his superior; the scorn of the superior toward his inferior. The Have-not envies the Have, and the Have looks down upon the Have-not. Then let us eliminate the Have-not. Let us make sure that everyone is a Have. Raise the standard of living.