They scoffed at him when he said that his regular twilight Repast was a saucer of granose Flakes, a mere sliver of White Meat, and some diluted Milk. His home was near the White Light District, and they just knew that he was accustomed to bathe in the Bubbles. He sat back benumbed for many hours watching the wicked Rustics perform.

1/2 lb. flour, 3 ozs. nutter or butter. Rub the nutter or butter lightly into the flour. Add enough cold water to make a fairly stiff paste. Roll it out to a 1/4 inch thickness. It is now ready for use. Apples, castor sugar, grated lemon rind, butter or nutter, bread-crumbs or Granose flakes. Bread-crumbs make the more substantial, granose flakes the more dainty, charlotte. Use juicy apples.

I would especially recommend its homemade cakes and biscuits. Mrs. Hume Loughtonhurst. I have spent several holidays with Mrs. Hume and enjoyed them thoroughly. She provides an excellent vegetarian menu and will make unfermented bread and procure distilled water for those food-reformers who desire them. I. H. Co. I continually recommend the saltless "Granose" as a dextrinised cereal.

Are the very Basis of Food Reform They were the pioneers of the movement in this country and STILL STAND UNRIVALLED Following are a few of our Specialities: *GRANOSE* Acknowledged to be the most valuable family food of its kind. Granose is wheat in the form of crisp, delicate flakes, thoroughly cooked and so rendered highly digestible.

Cut moderately thin slices of white bread. Put into a moderate oven and bake until a golden colour. Granose biscuits warmed in the oven until crisp serve the same purpose as twice-baked bread, i.e., a cereal food in which the starch has been dextrinised by cooking. But the biscuits being soft and flaky can be enjoyed by those for whom the twice-baked bread would be too hard.

The International Health Association is a most useful institution to both extremes of the food reform movement. The unfired feeder enjoys Granose Biscuit with his salad, while the beginner who thinks longingly of his flesh food is consoled by Protose and Nuttolene. Keen, Robinson & Co.