The sectary's eigene grosse Erfindungen, as Goethe calls them, the precious discoveries of himself and his friends for expressing the inexpressible and defining the undefinable in peculiar forms of their own, cannot but, as he has voluntarily chosen them, and is personally responsible for them, fill his whole mind.

Hermann Kratzer, of Leipsic, communicates the following practical information on the clarification and purification of vinegar to the Neueste Erfindungen und Erfahrungen: If vinegar has an unpleasant odor, which is rarer now that the vinegar manufacture has reached such a state of perfection, it may be removed as follows: Well burned and finely pulverized wood charcoal is put into the bottles containing the vinegar, the proportions being 8 grammes of charcoal to a liter of vinegar, or one ounce to the gallon.

All of which is poles removed from Loeben's saga, though he knew these Märchen, for they were written when Brentano was his intimate friend. As to the importance of Loeben's saga, Wilhelm Hertz says: "Fast alle jüngeren Dichter knüpfen an seinen Erfindungen an, so besonders die zahlreichen musikdramatischen Bearbeitungen." It is extremely doubtful that this statement is correct.

The result is a half section of the boat; the other symmetrical half is easily obtained. If the whole process is repeated for the other side of the boat, tracing paper being used instead of drawing paper, the boat may be tested for symmetry of building, a good control for the value of the ship. Neuste Erfindungen und Erfahrungen.