The men now rested under an enormous chesnut-tree, and fixed their pikes in the ground, at some distance, on the iron points of which Emily repeatedly observed the lightning play, and then glide down them into the earth. 'I would we were well in the Signor's castle! said Bertrand, 'I know not why he should send us on this business. Hark! how it rattles above, there!

The French woods are more luxuriant, and generally composed of more beautiful trees than those in England and in America. The chesnut-tree, so common in France, is perhaps unrivalled in its richness of foliage. The underwood, moreover, is less ragged and troublesome. Nothing can be more delightful than an evening walk in a French wood.

On the continent, the Bark of the Horse Chesnut-tree is held in great estimation as a febrifuge; and, upon the credit of several respectable authors, appears to be a medicine of great efficacy. Woodville's Med. Bot. 615. AGRIMONIA Eupatoria. COMMON AGRIMONY. The Herb. D. The leaves have an herbaceous, somewhat acrid, roughish taste, accompanied with an aromatic flavour.

'We are only losing time here, said he, 'for the thick boughs of the woods will shelter us as well as this chesnut-tree. They again led the mules forward, between the boles of the trees, and over pathless grass, that concealed their high knotted roots.