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Capra aegagrus, crest of the male; sexual difference in the colour of. Capreolus Sibiricus subecaudatus. Caprice, common to man and animals. Caprimulgus, noise made by the males of some species of, with their wings. Caprimulgus virginianus, pairing of. Carabidae. Carbonnier, on the natural history of the pike; on the relative size of the sexes in fishes; courtship of Chinese Macropus.

"ROEBUCK. A small European deer of the genus Capreolus.... The skull has a very small, shallow suborbital pit, ... tear-bag indistinct, hoofs narrow and triangular.... The color in summer is reddish brown, in winter olive, with paler shades; inside of the ears fulvous, and a black spot at the angles of the mouth.... It is about four feet long.... The horns are used for knife-handles.... They congregate in small families, but not in herds.... From their strong scent they are easily hunted; though they frequently escape by their speed, doublings, springing to cover, and other artifices.... The roebucks are represented in North America by the Virginia deer."

After we had killed the first wapiti we did not fire a shot for two days, even though roebuck were all about us and we wanted a series for the Museum. This species, Capreolus bedfordi, is smaller both in body and in antlers than the one we obtained in Mongolia and differs decidedly in coloration.