With another sharp and well tempered broad-headed arrow, he cut off the bow of the Vrishni hero while the latter was drawing it. And then, O Bharata, smiling the while, the heroic ruler of the Magadhas pierced the bowless Satyaki with five keen shafts. The valiant and mighty-armed Satyaki, however, though pierced with many shafts by Jalasandha, trembled not in the least.

Amongst them some became bowless, some rushed bow in hand, some were on the point of shooting their shafts, and some pursued them, armed with darts and maces. Possessed of great lightness of hands, Karna, that foremost of all smiters, afflicted them all. He deprived many kings of their drivers and thus vanquished all those lords of earth.

The mighty car-warrior Ashvatthama, however, though struggling vigorously, could not, O chief of the Bharatas, slay the carless and steedless and bowless Dhrishtadyumna, although pierced and exceedingly mangled with many arrows. When, therefore, O king, the son of Drona found that he could not slay his enemy with arrows, he laid aside his bow and quickly proceeded towards the son of Prishata.

Endued with great energy, the bowless Bhima then, putting forth his prowess pierced the chest of thy son with a dart. At this, thy son sat down on the terrace of his car. When Duryodhana swooned away, Vrikodara once more, with razor-faced shaft, cut off the head of his driver from his trunk.

Each bent upon slaying the other, they carefully looked for each other's lapses. Then Chitrasena, O monarch, with a broad-headed shaft, well-tempered and sharp, cut off Nakula's bow at the handle. Fearlessly then the son of Karna struck the bowless Nakula at the forehead with three shafts equipped with wings of gold and whetted on stone.

Duryodhana, having cut off Dhrishtadyumna's bow in that battle, pierced his bowless antagonist with keen shafts. Dhrishtadyumna then, in that encounter, having taken up a formidable bow, fought with the king in the sight of all the bowmen.

And he also despatched the four steeds of the Suta's son to Yama's abode with a number of broad-headed shafts. And that scorcher of foes also cut off from the trunk the head of Karna's driver. Then, the son of Pandu and Pritha pierced the bowless, the steedless, and the driverless Karna with four shafts.

Those shafts, however, all recoiled from Kritavarma's armour. Seeing those shafts recoil and scattered on the surface of the Earth, Shikhandi cut off Kritavarma's bow with a keen razor-headed arrow. Filled with wrath he struck the bowless son of Hridika, who then resembled a hornless bull, in the arms and the chest, with eighty arrows.

Then Nakula's son with a crescent-shaped arrow, cut off in that combat the gold-decked bow of Chitrasena while the latter was engaged in thus striking him. Bowless and carless and steedless and driverless, Chitrasena then quickly ascended the car of the illustrious son Hridika.

Acquainted as he was with highest weapons, Satyaki, then, with a couple of broad-headed shafts, cut off Duhsasana's standard and the wooden shafts of his car. And then with a number of keen arrows he slew both the Parshni charioteers of thy son. The latter, then, bowless and carless and steedless and driverless, was taken up by the leader of the Trigarta warriors on his car.