But bicause you shall not thinke that I go about to resist Gods honour, or him, in any reasonable order, looke what the greatest and most holie of all his ancestors haue doone vnto the meanest of mine ancestours, let him doo the same vnto me, and I am contented therewith." All the companie present cried, "that the king humbled himselfe enough." Wherof stand you in doubt?

Swanus being of a peruerse disposition, and faithlesse to the king, often times disagreed with his father and his brother Harold: and afterwards proouing a pirate, he stained the vertues of his ancestours with his robberies vpon the seas.

And lastly, our most deare and louing brother, as nothing in all these our occasions is to be preferred before our entire league and amitie, descending vpon vs as an inheritance, in succession from both our ancestours and noble progenitours: so let us be carefull on both sides by all good meanes to holde and continue the same to our posterity for euer.

Notwithstanding, that the memory of so many good things should not bee lost: whatsoeuer I could get of this matter, I haue disposed and put in order in the former discourse, to the ende that this age might be partly satisfied, to the which we are more beholding for the great discoueries made in those partes, then to any other of the time past, being most studious of the newe relations and discoueries of strange countries, made by the great mindes, and industrie of our ancestours.

Ile not so dishonour My father, nor my ancestours before me, Nor my posterity with such an earthquake To shake our noble house. Mac. Give him the Law then. Man. Ile meete a thousand deaths first. Hen. Plucke, & plucke home, for he's a murtherous Villaine. Man. Thou worse, a divell. Mac. Racke him! Man. Oh stay! for heavens sake spread your mercy! I doe confesse the murther; I killd my father.