Well might Goëthe write, "Wo du das Genie erblickst Erblickst du auch zugleich die martkrone" for where is Genius to be found that has not been tried by suffering? Moore has beautifully said, "The hearths that are soonest awake to the flowers, Are always the first to be pierced by the thorns;" and so it is with poets: they feel intensely before they can make others feel even superficially.

But the husband and the children are almost always referred to in the letters, and the friendship seems to have been entirely and only a friendship, as Schmidt calls it, "eine tiefe und zugleich respectvolle Neigung." Mr. Upton, who accepts the friendship as "honourable," finds in Frau von Genzinger the only true feminine inspiration Haydn ever had for composition.

Aesthetic Writings Es ist gewisz von keinem Sterblichen kein groeszeres Wort gesprochen als dieses Kantische, was zugleich der Inhalt seiner ganzen Philosophie ist: Bestimme dich aus dir selbst. Letter of 1793. From a quotation in the preceding chapter we have seen what Schiller hoped for when he resolved to grapple with the Kantian philosophy.

His tough, sinuous, spidery arms, five fathoms long, wavered visibly in the blue transparent gulf, Und schaudernd dacht ich's da kroch's heran, Regte hundert Gelenke zugleich, Will schnappen nach mir. A harpoon was driven into the leathery, pulpy body of the monster, but with no other effect than the sudden snapping of the inch line like thread.