The roots must be scraped, and the Pith taken out. The Meath must boil an hour by the Clock; after put it into Tubs to cool, and when it is cold, take three or four slices of White-bread, tost them very hard, and spread very good yest on both sides of the tosts; then put them into the Tubs. If it be warm weather, let the Tubs be uncovered; but if it be cold, cover them.

Put to it a quarter of a pound of picked and washed Currants, and as much Sugar, one Nutmeg grated, four yolks and two whites of new-laid Eggs raw; work all these very well together, seasoning it with Salt. Spread it thick upon slices of light white-bread cut like tosts. Then fry them in Butter, such quantity as may boil over the tops of the tosts.

Doe they use no modestie Upon my life, some of theis new Arminians, Theis hissing tosts! Hold. An ignorant strange woman, Whose faith is onely tride by a Coach and foure horses. 3 D. W. Come, you must be as we are and the rest of your Countrywomen; You doe not know the sweet on't. Eng.-gentw.

Take light spungy fine white French-bread, cut only the crusts into tosts. Tost them exceeding dry before the fire, so that they be yellow. Then put them hot into a hot dish, and pour upon them some very good strong broth, boiling hot.

Then Butter them, or prepare them for the table, as you think fit. My Lady Lusson makes thus her plain tosts of kidney of Veal: Cut the kidney with all the fat about it, and a good piece of the lean flesh besides. Hash all this as small as you can.