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Instead of a pure mineral oil put in any steam-cylinder oil which is a compound of mineral and animal; and as the bottle is shaken the oil adheres to the glass, covering the entire inner surface with a film that the water will not rinse off.

Henry F. Shaw, of Boston. This engine has oscillating cylinders placed between the driving-wheels. His invention is described as follows in his specification: "Midway between each set of wheels, e and f, is located the oscillating steam-cylinder, g, having its journals, g' and g", supported in the stationary arm, h, which is secured in a suitable manner to the frame, c.

Hall of Dartford, who applied the pressure by means of a steam-cylinder. The cambs are arranged alternately, so that one is filled while the other is being pressed. This brief notice will suffice to give an idea of such machines as are wrought by lever pressure. We pass on, therefore, to later inventions and improvements.

Beware of steam-cylinder oil and all heavy and gummy oils. Rub a little of any oil that is offered between the fingers until it disappears, the better the oil the longer you can rub it. If it leaves a gummy or sticky feeling, do not use; but if it rubs away thin and oily, it is probably good.

Olive oil is a fine lubricant, and is used largely in the Italian and Spanish navies. Many special brands are probably good oils and safe to use, but there is no need of staking one's trip upon any particular brand. All good steam-cylinder oils contain animal oil to make them adhere to the side of the cylinder; a pure mineral oil would be washed away by the steam and water.

The hammer, as thus sketched, consisted of, first an anvil on which to rest the work; second, a block of iron constituting the hammer or blow-giving part; third, an inverted steam-cylinder to whose piston-rod the block was attached.