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Where did Hajji Abdullah and Spiki live when they were in Unyanyembe? Was it not in Musa Mzuri's house?" "That was in Tabora." "Well, then, where is Kazeh? I have never seen the man yet who could tell me where that place is, and yet the three white men have that word down, as the name of the place they lived at when you were with them. You must know where it is."

He shot himself by accident." Spiki dead? Mash-Allah! Ough, he was a good man a good man! Dead!" "But where is this Kazeh, Sheikh Sayd?" Kazeh? Kazeh? I never heard the name before." "But you were with Burton, and Speke, at Kazeh; you lived there several months, when you were all stopping in Unyanyembe; it must be close here; somewhere.

"Eight times; Hamed Kimiani wished me to go by Kiwyeh, but I declined, and struck through the forest to Munieka. Hamed and Thani thought it better to follow me, than brave Kiwyeh by themselves." "Hajji Abdullah! What Hajji Abdullah? Ah! Sheikh Burton we call him. "Heh-heh; balyuz! Heh, at El Scham! Is not that near Betlem el Kuds?" "Yes, about four days. Spiki is dead.