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It was the principle of immunizing therapeutics, where poison paralyzes poison. It came out as he anticipated. The audience, unused to such depth of dramatic passion, for the plays to which they had been accustomed had been far from the Shakespearian standard, was wholly absorbed in the development of the tragedy.

In every case an immunizing dose of anti-tetanic serum should be given. Subsequently, the method employed must suit the character of the wound, existing facilities for handling the subject and the skill and aptitude of the practitioner. Anatomo-Physiological Consideration of the Pelvic Limbs.

The immunizing of the cattle by inoculating them when they were young with infected blood has been practised. Very recent investigations have shown that it is possible and practicable to rid pastures of ticks by a system of feed-lots and pasture rotation.

Because three meals a day consisting of bread, potatoes, eggs, meat, fish, butter, milk, cheese, beans, etc., overwork the metabolic function and as a consequence organic functioning is impaired, cell proliferation falls below the ideal, bodily resistance falls lower and lower, the intestinal secretions lose their immunizing power more and more, until at last the body becomes the victim of every adverse influence.

The confusion of these two forms of the disease had constantly misled investigations as to the possibility of either of them immunizing against smallpox, and the confusion of these two diseases for a time led Jenner to question the possibility of doing so.