John Fian, a young schoolmaster, and leader of the gang, or "coven" as it was called, was charged with having caused the leak in the king's ship, and with having raised the wind and created a mist for the purpose of hindering his voyage. On another occasion he and several other witches entered into a ship, and caused it to perish. He was also able by witchcraft to open locks.

He wasn't planning any raid; he was planning conquest, in the only way a great civilization can be conquered by subversion." "Yes," Harkaman put in. "Five years ago, when Dunnan started this programme, who was this Makann, anyhow?" "Nobody," Bentrik said. "A crackpot agitator in Drepplin; he had a coven of fellow-crackpots, who met in the back room of a saloon and had their office in a cigar box.

Barry sent to the dungeon for bringing rum for Mr Phillips without leave of the Sergt. Everything looks stormy. Warm weather. Growing better. Mr. Pintard came to supply prisoners of war with clothes. Two prisoners from Long Island and four Lawrences from Tappan. John Coven Cromwell from White Plains. Sergt.

The Huxley, Tyndall, Carolus Duran, Bastien-Lepage coven asserted that an artist or a poet must paint or write in the style of his own day, and this with 'The Fairy Queen, and 'Lyrical Ballads, and Blake's early poems in its ears, and plain to the eyes, in book or gallery, those great masterpieces of later Egypt, founded upon that work of the Ancient Kingdom already further in time from later Egypt than later Egypt is from us.