No. 3. Loin, best end used for roasts, chops. No. 4. Loin, chump-end used for roasts and chops. No. 5. Rack, or rib chops, used for French chops, rib chops, either for frying or broiling; also used for choice stews. No. 6. Breast, used for roast, baked dishes, stews, chops. No. 7. Neck or scrag-end, used for cutlets, stews and meat-pies.

Raise the lean next the chump-end; cut that bone off, but leave the chine-bone, then with two skewers fasten the meat as if the bone was not taken away: Put it into a pot with a little more water than will cover it: Add parsley, thyme, two or three large onions, a handful of salt, whole pepper half an ounce, half a quarter of an ounce of cloves, the same quantity of mace; cover it close down, and stew it over a slow fire for three hours, till your beef is very tender.

Includes the sirloin with the kidney suet , the rump steak piece , the fore-rib . Second Class. The buttock or round , the thick flank , the middle ribs . Third Class. Fourth Class. Fifth Class. Shin or shank . No. 1. Loin, the choicest cuts used for roasts and chops. No. 2. Fillet, used for roasts and cutlets. No. 3. Loin, chump-end used for roasts and chops. No. 4.