Tibet forms an integral part of Chinese territory and Chinese rights of every description which have existed in consequence of this integrity shall be respected by Tibet and recognized by Great Britan. China engages not to convert Tibet into a province and Great Britain not to annex Tibet or any portion of it. China to appoint a Resident at Lhassa with an escort of 3,600 soldiers.

They did vse to record the noble exploits of the ancient capteins, and to drawe the pedegrées and genealogies of such as were liuing. They would frame pleasant dities and songs, learne the same by heart, and sing them to instruments at solemne feasts and assemblies of noble men and gentlemen. Of these Bards Lucane saith, Britan. cent. 2. John Prise defen hist. Brit. Caius de ant. Cant. lib. 1.

The Count of Longueville seconded him in his negotiation; as did the Count of Mortaigne, Odo, Bishop of Baieux, and especially William Fitz-Osborne, Count of Breteuil, and constable of the duchy. Introd. ad Britan. p. 212. 2nd edit. Gibs.

The most northerly contains two statues, viz., of King William and Queen Mary, subscribed Gulielmus III. Rex, & Maria II. Regina, A.D. 1688. S. P. Q. Londin' Optim Principibus, P. C. 1695. 2. Anna Regina Dei Gratia Mag. Britan' Franciae & Hiberniae, 1701. 3. George I. inscribed Georgius D. G. Magnae Britan' Franciae & Hiberniae Rex, Anno Dom. 1714.

And by the report of Hector Boetius, some of them were not ignorant of the immortalitie of the one and euerlasting God. Scoti. li. 2. De migr. gen. lib. 2. And herevpon it commeth also to passe, that the British toong hath in it remaining at this day some smacke of the Gréeke. Annius in commen. super eundem. Ant. Cant li. 1. script. Britan. cent. 1. Nonnius. Marcel. Strabo. Diodor. Sicul. lib. 6.