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The fields and hills are ravaged, the whole land has been laid waste. Quennel conchihuazque atl popoca itlacoh in teuctli tlalli mocuepaya Mictlan onmatia Cacamatl onteuctli, quennel conchihuazque, ohuaya ohuaya. What remedy can they turn to? Water and smoke have spoiled the land of the rulers; they have gone back to Mictlan attaching themselves to the ruler Cacamatl. What remedy can they turn to?

A rain of various flowers falls where stands the drum, beauteous wreaths entwine it, sweet flowers are poured down around it. Can quetzatzal petlacoatl yepac o, ye nemi coyoltototl cuicatinemiya, can quinanquili teuctli ya, conahuiltianquauhtloocelotl ohuaya ohuaya.

teteuctin, plural with reduplication of teuctli, a noble, a ruler, a lord. The singer addresses his audience by this respectful title. 2. ixochicuicatzini; i, poss. pron. 3d sing.; xochitl, flower; cuicatl, song; tzin, termination signifying reverence or affection; "their dear flower-songs." yuhqui tepetl, etc.

Oya in Tochin y miec acalcatli, Acolmiztlan teuctli zan Catocih teuctli Yohuallatonoc y yehuan Cuetzpaltzin Iztaccoyotl totomihuacan Tlaxcallan ohuaye Coatziteuctli Huitlalotzin za xochitl quimatico yaoyotla ohuaya ohuaya.

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