But before it was completed in March, 1867, the subject had assumed a new aspect and importance. Professor Newton's prediction of a remarkable star-shower in November, 1866, was punctually fulfilled. This time, Europe served as the main target of the celestial projectiles, and observers were numerous and forewarned. The display, although, according to Mr.

Might it not, however, be possible that it would appear under another form that a star-shower might have sprung from and would commemorate its dissolution? An unusually large number of falling stars were seen by Brandes, December 6, 1798.

On Emerson's poetry he is even, as on his own principles he was, perhaps, bound to be, rather hypercritical. Most of it, no doubt, is not poetry at all; but it has "once in a hundred years," as Mr O'Shaughnessy sang, the blossoming of the aloe, the star-shower of poetic meteors.

Yet, since a few detonating meteors have been found to proceed from ascertained radiants of shooting-stars, it is difficult to suppose that any generic difference separates them. Their assimilation is further urged though not with any demonstrative force by two instances, the only two on record, of the tangible descent of an aerolite during the progress of a star-shower.