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And there remained in that place a tablet of stone, whereon the saint is said to have celebrated the holy mysteries; and it is called by the Irish Leac Phadruig that is, the Stone of Saint Patrick; and on this stone, for reverence of him, the kings of Cassel are wont to be crowned and to be advanced unto the throne of their kingdom. How Dercardius and his Companions were destroyed.

And the saint, praising so great charity in his novice, lest he should seem to reject his entreaty, builded there a city, which is now called Domnhach Phadruig that is, the City of Patrick; and touching it with his staff, he marked out the dwelling-place of Conallus, which is now called Rathyr-tair.

Perchance that by this mystical structure the worshippers of idols might be persuaded from the northern coldness of unbelief unto the meridian fervor of the faith and the charity of Christ the which to this day is called Sabhall Phadruig, that is, the Barn of Patrick; for in process of time he builded there a fair monastery, into which he introduced monks that had passed their novitiate; and for their use he not long afterward, by his prayers, produced a fountain out of the earth.