Livingstone and Bishop Mackenzie in 1861; they were mere children when set free. We must not forget to record the fact that when Mr. The lines of tattoo of the different tribes serve for ornaments, and are resorted to most by the women; it is a sort of heraldry closely resembling the Highland tartans. Members of numerous tribes were present, and all recognised it at once as Makala or coal. Dr.

From Makala they proceeded through the woods, and in the course of their journey passed three new-made graves, which the Albanians pointing at as they rode by, said they were "robbers."

They had some difficulty in procuring horses at Catoona, and in consequence were detained until past eleven o'clock the next morning, and only travelled four hours that day to Makala, a well-built stone village, containing about forty houses distinct from each other, and inhabited by Greeks, who were a little above the condition of peasants, being engaged in pasturage and a small wool-trade.

After eating and drinking, the greater part of them assembled at the largest of the fires, and, while the travellers were themselves with the elders of the party seated on the ground, danced round the blaze to their own songs, with astonishing Highland energy. Leave Utraikee Dangerous Pass in the Woods Catoona Quarrel between the Guard and Primate of the Village Makala Gouri Missolonghi Parnassus