He had been thirty-one years a soldier, twelve times a corporal, nine times a serjeant; but an unfortunate attachment to the bottle always returned him into the ranks. We reached Koeena about three o'clock, all very much fatigued. I felt myself very sickly, having lifted up and reloaded a great many asses on the road.

Departed from Koeena, and halted during the heat of the day at Koombandi, distant six miles.

Departure from Fankia Tambaura mountains, and difficulties in ascending the Pass Toombin Great embarrassments on the road Serimanna Fajemmia Astronomical observations Increase of the sick Nealakalla Ba Lee River Boontoonkooran Dooggikotta Falifing Losses on the road Gimbia; inhospitable treatment Sullo Face of the country Secoba Kronkromo Passage of the Ba Fing Mode of smelting and working gold Fatal accident in crossing the Ba Fing Hippopotami Deaths and losses on the route Increase of sickness Reach Viandry Koeena Danger from young lions Koombandi Great embarrassments on the road Fonilla Ba Woolima River; difficulties in crossing it Isaaco seized by a crocodile Boolinkoonbo Distressing situation of the whole of the party Reach Serrababoo Saboseera.

The people on the banks were a set of thieves, and endeavoured to make off with the medicine-chest. Not a day now passed but one or other of the soldiers died of fever, or was left behind. At Koeena, on the 2d July, they were much annoyed by three lions, which, after prowling about all day, at midnight attacked the asses, which broke their ropes, and rushed in among the tents.

The village of Koeena is walled round, and it is surrounded on three sides with rocky precipices. Had a severe tornado at seven o'clock, which put out the watch-fire and made us all crowd into the tents.