Margaret Matthieu a Cloth-worker's Wife at Tholouse in France, in the Year 1653, and towards the Ninth Month of her Reckoning, had the Pains of Woman's Labour upon her at Church; and some part of the Waters being already voided, she acquainted the People about her, that she fear'd she should be Deliver'd in the Church.

And charming Lady Betty departed also with early hours, pillions, and cosmetics that blending of nature and art, knowledge of the corrupt world and abiding true-heartedness, which then existed a sort of marvel. Old and young were clamouring hoarsely and shrilly by daybreak one September morning round a little girl, one of a cloth-worker's numerous family.

It was seeing the world to go with a late mayor's daughter, an orphan and an heiress, who had been visiting the cloth-worker's family, and would have Dulcie to live with her for awhile in a neighbouring town as a friend and companion.

Adam Wynthrop, Lorde & Patron of Groton, whiche departed owt of this Worlde the IXth day of November, in the yere of owre Lorde God MCCCCCLXII." His widow, who had been his second wife, married William Mildmay; and his daughter Alice married Mr. Mildmay's son Thomas, who, being afterwards knighted, secured to the cloth-worker's daughter the title of "Lady Mildmay."