The original design was, doubtless, the capture of the gun-boat Michigan, and the release of the prisoners on Johnson's Island. The captors of the Parsons had confederates in Sandusky, who endeavored to have the Michigan in a half-disabled condition when the Parsons arrived. This was not accomplished, and the scheme fell completely through.

She was still blazing away gamely with all her available guns, but it was obvious at a glance that she was now no match for her antagonist, who had taken full advantage of the help rendered by her unknown ally, and was pouring a perfect hail of shot and shell point-blank into her half-disabled adversary, battering her deck-works into ruins, and piercing her hull again and again.

She should not run away at all events. He twisted the soft material round his half-disabled fingers. "What story?" he asked quietly. Denise's eyes flashed, and then suddenly grew gentle. She did not quite know whether she was furious or afraid. "That there was some one in the Chateau de Vasselot to whom whom you loved."

Gregorio meanwhile had run up to his room and entered it breathless with excitement. The first glance told him that Amos had seized all he could, for nothing remained save a wooden bench and one or two coarse, half-disabled cooking utensils. Gregorio swore a little as he realised what had happened. Then he saw in a corner by the window his son and Ahmed.