Thus, Father Mooney, a Franciscan, relates that his monastery that of Multifarnham having been totally destroyed by Sir Francis Shean, and many monks having been killed, he, with a few others, after long and extraordinary adventures, came back to the spot, then abandoned by the enemy, and "before the feast of the Nativity of our Lord, we built up a little house on the site of the monastery, and there we dwelt who were left after the flight . . . . . Afterward, Father Nehemias Gregan, the father guardian, began to build a church, and to repair the monastery, and for this purpose caused much wood to be cut in the territory of Deabhna McLochlain; and when they had roofed a chapel and some other buildings, there came the soldiers of another Sir Francis Ringtia, and they burned down the monastery again, and carried off some of the brethren captive to Dublin."

I asked the Pangara of Gregan whether this family wished to return, but he did not know. I then told them no one could force them, but that they might do just as they pleased. The Orang Kaya Pa Jampat goes down with me to Kuching to lay before the Tuan Besar a claim made upon him by the Malay Pangeran of Samarahan.

The Orang Kayas told me that, had I not arrived, the rice in payment of the goods forced on them would have been taken down, as Pakar was here hurrying them to carry it to Sanar; but that when he heard of my coming he could not be persuaded to wait and meet me. Pangara Achong of the En Singi tribe told me that he has one family of his tribe at Gregan, and he wanted them to return with him.