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The Success had now remained fifty hours as a fair mark for the enemy to fire at, during which they lost both their bower-anchors and cables, with the stern and kedge-anchors, four hawsers, four lower-deck guns, nineteen barrels of powder, two men killed and six wounded; and had they not now got off, it was believed they must have been sunk before morning.

The next is the journal of Captain Hood of the Venerable. 6th July 1801. Monday, 6th July, wind variable off Algeziras, Gibraltar Bay, light breezes, and variable, the captain went on board the Cæsar, all sail set, squadron in company, the captain returned, got the sheet-cable through the stern-port, and bent it to the anchor, got springs on the sheet and bower-anchors; at 2h.

They lose the number of their mess, and their mess-mates sticks the spoons in the rack; but no good no good, old Ringrope; they ar'n't dead yet. I tell ye, now, ten best bower-anchors wouldn't sink this 'ere top-man. He'll be soon coming in the wake of the thirty-nine spooks what spooks me every night in my hammock jist afore the mid-watch is called.