One day Si Mahomet fell ill and died The two spouses put him in a coffin lined with silk and buried him. My story is told. Sidi El-Marouf and Sidi Abd-el-Tadu were travelling in company. Toward evening they separated to find a resting-place. Sidi Abd-el-Tadu said to his friend: "Let us say a prayer, that God may preserve us from the evil which we have never committed."

"I have done no evil," answered Sidi El-Marouf. "Did I not tell you yesterday," said Sidi Abd-el-Tadu, "that we would say the prayer that God should preserve us from the evil we had never committed? And now you will be burned for a crime of which you are innocent!" Sidi El-Marouf answered him, "Bring the woman here." "Did he really kill your husband?" asked Sidi Abd-el-Tadu.

The woman and her husband slept also. When all was quiet, the woman got up, took a knife, and killed her husband. The next day at dawn she began to cry: "He has killed my husband!" The whole village ran up to the house and seized the stranger. They bound him, and everyone brought wood to burn the guilty man. Sidi Abd-el-Tadu came also, and saw his friend in tears. "What have you done?" he asked.

"He killed him," she replied. There was a bird on a tree nearby. Sidi Abd-el-Tadu asked the bird. The bird answered: "It was the woman who killed her husband. Feel in her hair and you will find the knife she used." They searched her hair and found the knife still covered with blood, which gave evidence of the crime. The truth was known and innocence was defended. God avenged the injustice.