An interview between the "General" and one of our company, as he viewed the former and was struck with his appearance, was as follows: "Well, 'General, you are the most perfect-looking specimen of a soldier I ever beheld. That piercing eye, the grizzly mustache, the firm jaw, the pose of the head, that voice in fact, the whole make-up fills to the full the measure of a man of war."

It was no wonder, for a more perfect-looking animal could hardly have been conceived. He was larger than any of the herd, though still under the size of an English horse.

Then he came in and had his bath, and made himself into a very perfect-looking lover, to present himself to his lady at about half-past twelve o'clock, to take her to his mother. Zara was, if anything, whiter than usual when she came into the library where he was waiting for her alone. The financier had gone to the City.

Indifference to his appearance extended also to danger, and when a battle was on hand so was Merrick. Before crossing the Potomac he disappeared from the command a perfect-looking vagabond, and now as we were reveling in this bountiful country there rolled into our midst a handsome equipage drawn by two stylish horses.