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'Where is that Paynim's son, that him of life, and us of joy hath reft? And the pilgrim made answer that he was hard by, washing his wounds at a fountain. Satyrane wasted no more words, but went right straight to the fountain, where he found Sansloy, whom he challenged instantly to fight.

The pirates sold him to a Saracen lord, who putting him in fetters, sent him afield to till the wheat, which grows very finely in that country. Fabio offered his master to pay a heavy ransom, but the Paynim's daughter, who loved him and was fain to bring him to the end she desired, over-persuaded her father not to let him go at any price.

The work of death began, and the expiring cries of his victims were the Paynim's answer to the shouts of the Christians, that were raising their hearts to God. That fearful wail was heard, too, by the beleaguered men of Vienna; and the thought of their butchered kindred gave strength to their famished bodies. They hungered no longer for food! they thirsted for blood.

His legerdemain can transform zechins and byzants into doits and maravedis; but can his art convert a Christian knight, ever esteemed among the bravest of the Holy Crusade, into the dust-kissing slave of a heathen Soldan the bearer of a paynim's insolent proposals to a Christian maiden nay, forgetting the laws of honourable chivalry, as well as of religion?