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Had you or I been born at the Bay of Soldania, possibly our thoughts and notions had not exceeded those brutish ones of the Hottentots that inhabit there.

Besides the atheists taken notice of amongst the ancients, and left branded upon the records of history, hath not navigation discovered, in these later ages, whole nations, at the bay of Soldania, in Brazil, and in the Caribbee islands, &c., amongst whom there was to be found no notion of a God, no religion?

Would it not be better to be an inhabitant of Soldania in Africa, where never yet form of worship entered, or the name of God resounded, than thus to pollute the land with superstitious castigation with the enmity of priests against each other?

From Tauris I travelled to the city called Soldania , where the Persian emperor resides during the summer; but in winter he changes his residence to another city upon the sea of Baku . Soldania is a large city, but very cold, from its situation in the mountains, and has considerable trade, and abundance of good water.