Miss Warner inclining to the acute accent. "But what is she?" asked Miss Damer. "A noun proper, certainly, and of the singular number." 'Miss Cotton, demonstrative pronoun; compare good, and she is in the superlative degree. 'Miss Hilton, voice semi-vowels; in the primitive order by nature, governed by a queer looking definite article.

First, therefore, Hermeas the geometrician demanded of Protogenes the grammarian a reason why Alpha was the first letter of the alphabet. And he returned the common answer of the schools, that it was fit the vowels should be set before the mutes and semi-vowels. And of the vowels, some being long, some short, some both long and short, it is just that the latter should be most esteemed.

And as in letters the semi-vowels are middling between mutes and vowels, having something more than those and less than these; so in the soul of man, the irascible faculty is not purely passive, but hath often an imagination of good mixed with the irrational appetite of revenge.

And the first number being compared with the last, hath the same proportion that the Muses have to Apollo; for nine is appropriated to them, and seven to him. And these two numbers tied together double the middle; and not without reason, since the semi-vowels partake the power of both.