Hence, owing to this especial ordinance, the Sraddha must precede the worship of the gods, and not succeed it. Masha, is the Phascolus Roxburghii. It is difficult to understand what is meant by Vadhrinasa here. It means either a large bull, or a kind of bird, or a variety of the goat. Probably the bull is intended. Pitrikshaye is mrita-tithau. Some hold that it is something like the sorrel.

Intermediate, i.e., between deities and human beings; hence, animals and birds. Brahma-Rakshasa is a Rakshasa that belongs, like Ravana and others, by birth to the regenerate order. Masha is Phaseolus Roxburghii, Kulatta is Dolichos biflosus, Roxb. Kalaya is Pisum Sativum, Linn. Mudga is Phaseolus Mango, Linn. Atasi is Linum usitattisimam, Linn. A Kanka is a bird of prey.

From the edges of the four hot springs I gathered sixteen species of flowering plants, and from the cold tank five, which did not grow in the hot. On the following day I botanized in the neighbourhood, with but poor success. An oblique-leaved fig climbs the other trees, and generally strangles them: two epiphytal Orchideae also occur on the latter, Vanda Roxburghii and an Oberonia.

Kunda is Balanites Roxburghii, Punnaga is Callophyllum inophyllum. Asoka is Saraca. Indica, Linn, syn Jonesia Asoka, Roxb. Amra is Mangifera Indica. Kovidara is Bauhinia, accuminata Linn. Champaka is Michelia Champaka, Linn. Panasa is Artocarpus integrifolia, Linn. Ganga is represented as the daughter of Rishi Jahnu, and hence is she known by the name of Jahnavi.