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Patrick at Belfast, might, at the first glance, be attributed to the same era as the famousDurham book,” or book of St. Cuthbert, now one of the chief treasures of the British Museum library, and which is believed to have been executed as early as the seventh century by Eadfrith, afterwards of Lindisfarne, who died in 721.

The Latin text, written in double columns, was transcribed by Eadfrith, Bishop of Lindisfarne, while still a simple monk, in honour, some say for the use, of St. Cuthbert. It was finished after the saint's death, at the end of the seventh, or beginning of the eighth century. This we learn from intrinsic evidence, in the form of a brief note in Anglo-Saxon at the end of the Gospel of St.

Matthew, and a longer one at the end of the volume. These notes have thus been translated by Mr. Waring: * * Prolegomena, Lindisfarne, and Rushworth Gospels, part iv. "Thou, O living God, bear in mind Eadfrith and Aethelwald, and Billfrith and Aldred, the sinner. And