Before May, 1625 it was reported out of Virginia that some 1,750 acres of land had been patented at "Warrasquoake plantacon downe wards from Hogg Island xiiii miles, by the river side." This included 300 acres "planted" by Captain Nathaniel Basse.

Payd to Mother Lee for apparellinge of XV mens albes XIIII d unto hyr for a dosen of childrens albes IIII d unto hyr for the makinge of a towell I d Payd unto Thomas Nowye for pollynge and shavinge of the chorusters crounes for VI quarters ending at our Ladye in Lente VIII s This Barnard was probably a relative of Bernhardi.

Which was an inconuenience to the Christians, in regard of the victuals which they found conueied away: and of the trouble which they had in seeking of Indians to bee their guides. Chap. XIIII. How the Gouernour departed from the Prouince of Patofa, and went through a desert, where he and all his men fell into great distresse, and extreme miserie.

I will well, said Sir Launcelot, for I have neither helm, nor horse, nor sword. As for that, said the good man, I shall help you or tomorn at even of an horse, and all that longed unto you. And then Sir Launcelot repented him greatly. Here leaveth of the history of syr launcelot. And here followeth of sir Percyvale de galys which is the xiiii book.

And a people which in the time of the Assiriens, and Medes, were scante known and litle estiemed. Laste of all thei ware slaues to the Macedonies. Pliny reherseth xiiii. kingdomes of the Parthians. Trogus calleth them Emperors of the East part of the worlde, Asthoughe they, and the Romaines holding the Weste, had deuided the whole betwixte them.