A NON-CHANGING BODY. We may contrast the foregoing instances of flight with a machine having the sustaining planes hinged to the body in such a manner as to make the disposition of its angles synchronous with the tail. In other words, see how a machine acts that has the angle of flight controllable by both planes, that is, the sustaining planes, as well as the tail. Planes on Non-changing Body.

Worldly works can proceed also if the agent is non-different from the body; while an agent is qualified for sacred works only in so far as he is different from the body, and of an eternal non-changing nature. Meditations, therefore, properly connect themselves with sacrifices, in so far as they teach that the agent really is of that latter nature.

Nor is it possible that superimposition and the like should take place in the soul only if it is in approximation to Prakriti. They may take place just on account of the non-changing nature of the soul! Then, we reply, they would take place permanently. And that mere proximity has no effective power we have already shown under II, 1, 4.

The non-intelligent ahamkara thus merely serves to manifest the nature of non-changing consciousness, and it effects this by being its abode; for it is the proper quality of manifesting agents to manifest the objects manifested, in so far as the latter abide in them.

Now it is obvious that in order to ascend, in either case, the changing of the planes to a greater angle would raise the machine, but at the same time keep the body on an even keel. Descent with Non-changing Body. Suppose that in either position the power should cease, and the control broken, so that it would be impossible to move the planes. Utilizing Momentum.