Callistratus in Dig., 48, 19, 26: crimen vel poena paterna nullam maculam filio infligere potest. namque unusquisque ex suo admisso sorti subicitur nec alieni criminis successor constituitur; idque divi fratres Hierapolitanis rescripserunt. Paulus, v, xii, 1. Paulus, v, xii, 12. Ulpian in Dig., 48, 4, 11. Ulpian in Dig., 48, 4, 11. Hermogenianus in Dig., 48, 4, 9.

If the matter be jurisprudence, we shall have Marcianus, Papinianus, Ulpianus, Hermogenianus, and Tryphonius to begin with; and shall then pass through the straits of Bartolus and Baldus, on to Zuichemus, Sanchez, Brissonius, Ritterhusius, and Gothofridus.

Two jurists of this reign, Gregorianus and Hermogenianus, are particularly distinguished as authors of codes which are known by their names, and which were recognized as standard authorities in courts of justice.

The sum was 500,000 sesterces. Their paramours were beaten to death. A full account of the Vestals will be found in Aulus Gellius, i, 12. Quintilian, vii, 3, 27: ad servum nulla lex pertinet. On the rare instances when a slave could inform against his master in a public court, see Hermogenianus in Dig., v, 1, 53. Gaius, i, 52 ff. Gaius, iii, 222. Cf. Juvenal vi, 219-223, and 474-495.