Of the Day of Doom; and of the Customes of Jacobites, Surryenes; and of the Usages of Gcorgyenes. And men leven the hilles, on that o partye. And Galilee is on of the provynces of the Holy Land: and in that provynce is the cytee of Naym and Capharnaum and Chorosaym and Bethsayde. In this Bethseyde was Seynt Petre and Seynt Andrew borne.

This Antecrist schal be norysscht in Bethsayda, and he schal regne in Capharnaum: and therfore seythe Holy Writt: Ve tibi, Chorosaym: ve tibi, Bethsayda: ve tibi, Capharnaum; that is to seye, Wo be to the, Chorosaym; wo to the, Bethsayda: wo to the, Capharnaum. And alle theise townes ben in the lond of Galilee.

In Chorosaym schalle Antecrist be born, as sum men seyn; and other men seyn, he schalle be born in Babyloyne: for the prophete seyth; De Babilonia Coluber exiet, qui totum mundum devorabit; that is to seyne, Out of Babiloyne schal come a worm, that schal devouren alle the world.

And thens, a 4 myle, is Chorosaym: and 5 myle fro Chorosaym, is the cytee of Cedar, of the psautre spekethe: Et habitavi cum habitantibus Cedar; that is for to seye, And I have dwelled with the dwellynge men in Cedar.