Washington and Philadelphia have also had a visitation." We have frequently met with it here, though not in Humble bees' nests. The withering of the leaves when the corn is young, shows the presence of this pest. It will also eat tobacco leaves. We figure the moth of Ennomos subsignaria, the larva of which is so injurious to shade trees in New York City.

And first he wounded noble Deiopites, from above, in the shoulder, leaping on him with sharp spear, and next he slew Thoon and Ennomos, and next Chersidamas, being leapt down from his chariot, he smote with the spear on the navel beneath the bossy shield, and he fell in the dust and clutched the ground with the hollow of his hand.

And he came to each and encouraged him with his words Mesthles and Glaukos and Medon and Thersilochos and Asteropaios and Deisenor and Hippothoos and Phorkys and Chromios and the augur Ennomos these encouraged he and spake to them winged words: "Listen, ye countless tribes of allies that dwell round about.

And the Mysians were led of Chromis and Ennomos the augur, yet with all his auguries warded he not black fate from him, but was vanguished by the hand of fleet-footed Aiakides in the river, when he made havoc of the Trojans there and of the rest. And Phorkys and godlike Askanios led the Phrygians from far Askania, and these were eager to fight in the battle-throng.