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After passing a stony ridge covered with spotted-gum, from which the remarkable features of the country around us the flat-topped mountain wall, the isolated pillars, the immense heaps of ruins towering over the summits of the mountains were visible, we descended a slope of silver-leaved Ironbark, and came to a chain of water-holes falling to the east.

I came again, however, to a Bricklow scrub, which I skirted, and after having crossed a very dense scrubby Ironbark forest, came to a chain of rushy water-holes, with the fall of the waters to the north-east. The whole drainage of a north-easterly basin, seems to have its outlet, through Charley's Creek, into the Condamine. Spotted-gum and Ironbark formed the forest; farther on, flooded-gum.

The range was openly timbered with white-gum, spotted-gum, Ironbark, rusty-gum, and the cypress-pine near the gullies; and with a little dioecious tree belonging to the Euphorbiaceae, which I first met with at the Severn River, and which was known amongst us under the name of the "Severn Tree:" it had a yellow or red three-capsular fruit, with a thin fleshy pericarp, of an exceedingly bitter taste; the capsules were one-seeded.