Astur approximans, VIG. and HORSF. Novae-Hollandiae, VIG. and HORSF.? Accipiter torquatus, VIG. and HORSF. Buteo melanosternon, GOULD. Milvus isurus, GOULD. affinis, GOULD. Elanus axillaris. scripta, GOULD. Circus assimilis, JARD. Jardinii, GOULD. Strix personata, VIG. delicatulis, GOULD. Athene connivens. Boobook Hirundo neoxena, GOULD. Cotyle pyrrhonota. Acanthylis caudacuta.

Of birds we remarked: the Aquila leucocephala, Astur, Corvus Corone and Stelleri, and some varieties of the species Turdus, Sylvia, Troglodytes, Parus, Alcedo, Picus, Ardea, Hæmatopus, Scolopax, Charadrius, Anas, and Colymbus. Trochilus rufus is not only often found here, but also under sixty degrees of latitude. A small shoal of Procellaria furcata was once driven into the Bay by stormy weather.

After residing two months at London, they took shipping thence for Germany; and, travelling thence by way of Basil, in Switzerland, they arrived, after a journey of twenty-four days, in safety and good health at Venice. The Rein-deer, Cervus tarandus, Lin. Forst. Probably the Tetrao lagopus, Lin. Forst. Falco Gyrfalcus, and Falco astur. Forst.