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Or stir it about until it be dry, you have a mass or powder of a dark yellow, or honey colour, then grind the powder again very finely upon a Stone with distilled Vinegar; put it into a stone-pot, stir and mix it well together, set it again into a Bath, which is but lukewarm so let it stand five or six dayes, stir it every day from the top to the bottom with a wooden Ladle, cover it again with the glass-Stopple, then let it cool, poure off that which is dissolved into a great stone pot, poure other Vinegar upon it, mix and stir them well together, set it into the Bath as before, reiterate this decantation and pouring on so often, till no more will dissolve, which try with your tongue, if it be sweet, it is not enough dissolved, or put some of it into a glass-gourd, let it evaporate, if any thing remain, it is not yet all dissolved which would be Gold, and then what remaines in the pot are Fæces, and sweet upon the Tongue; if you find any thing in the Gourd, it is not yet all dissolved, then may you poure fresh Vinegar upon it, till all be dissolved, then coagulate it as before, poure other Vinegar upon it, stir it, set it again into the Bath, reiterate this operation of solution and coagulation so long till you find no more Fæces at the bottom, but all be dissolved into a pure clear water, then is Saturn freed from all its Leprousness, Melancholy, Fæces, and blackness, being pure and white as Snow, for it is cleansed from all its uncleanness, because its coldness stands outwards as Luna doth, and its heat is internal, fluxible as wax, and sweet as sugar Candy.