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Brite and fair. father aint going to have enny geese. tonite we got a old yellow hen of Sam Dire and set her on 7 eggs in the horse-stal, and then we had super. nothing hapened at super xcept that Keene got sent to bed for sticking out her tung at father when she thought he wasent looking but he was, becaus he woodent let her go over to see Lucy Watson Beanys sisters new hat. well after it was dark father said i forgot to pay Sam for his hen and he started rite acros the garden to go over to Sam Diars and it was dark and i herd a auful splash and thumping round and feerful swaring and i knew father was in the geese pond. i woodent dass to wright down what he said, if i had said what he did he wood have sent me to bed for a year. well he came limping home and swaring into the house and he made me get a lanten and we went out to the barn and he took the old hen by her hind legs and swung her round jest as we fellers do when we plug apples on a stick and pluged her way over in Sam Diars yard and then he took the eggs and pluged them as far as he cood and told me to fill up the pond tomorow or he wood lick me. then we went in and mother and aunt Sarah nearly killed themselves laffin and father said i spose you wood laff if i killed myself and when i went up to bed i laffed easy and Keene and Cele were laffing under the bed close. bimeby i herd father laffin and then we all laffed loud. jest think i had to pay a dollar and a half of my cornet money for pluging 5 eggs and father pluged 7 eggs and a old hen and dident have to pay ennything, ennyway it was fun to see him.
Feb. 22. today is Washington's berthday and we can ring the town bell at 1 oh clock and at 5 for a hour. i went down both times and Ed Derbon let us take turns in ringing the bell. only 2 can ring at a time. when me and Fatty Melcher was ringing the bell went over and it pulled us way up to the ceeling. most of the fellers staid out in frunt of the church and pluged snowballs. bimeby some stewdcats came along and we pluged and hit a stewdcat named Lee rite in the back of his head and he said we have stood enuf from these townies and he and Stone and Clifford and Winsor, who was our sunday school teacher until he saw the rooster fite, and Belmont came over the fence and charged us and we pluged as hard as we cood and they pluged two and we ran behind the church and they follered us and jest lammed us and washed Beanys face and rolled Pewt in the wet snow, and jest then Boog and Whack and Puz and Zee Smith came piling in and paisted time out of them and then the stewdcats charged them and throwed Whack in a drift and Zee got one in the back that made him lay down and grunt before he cood get his breth, and then all the stewdcats from Toles house piled out and piched in and they was giving us time when Bozzaris Wadly see the fite and jumped of a load of wood and Pacer and Stuby Gooch and Scotty Briggam and Kibo Marston and Skinny Bruce and Frank Elliott herd us hollering give it to the stewdcats and came running over and then we had jest a buly fite and i tell you the snow balls jest flew and Fatty Gilman got one rite in the eye and Pheby Talor got one rite in the mouth jest as he was hollering stewdcat and it filled his mouth with snow and old Woodbrige Odlin was coming out of the bank and he got one in the leg and one in his old plug hat and it nocked it of and he went over to the hotel and i gess he told old Brown becaus he and Swane and Potsy Dirgin the poliseman came over and made us stop, it was the best snow ball fite i ever saw. we are going to lay for the stewdcats next saterday at the libary. old Bozzaris Wadly was the best fiter we had and nobody knowed he cood fite. when the stewdcats wood charge us he wood not run a bit but wood jest stand and plug and once when Clifford tride to put him over he coodent do it. it was a buly fite.