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His parentage Early voyages Sails for Jamaica as a planter Visits Bay of Campeachy Turns logwood-cutter His adventures Joins the buccaneers Succeeds Returns to England Marries Again goes to Jamaica Captured by buccaneers, and takes part in several expeditions in the South Sea Recrosses the Isthmus of Darien, and reaches the Samballas Islands Joins Captain Tristan The prizes sold to the Dutch Goes to Virginia Joins the Revenge Captain Cook sails for the South Seas Puts into the Sherbro' River Cook treacherously captures a Dane The name of the Bachelor's Delight given to her Cape Horn doubled Steers for Juan Fernandez Falls in with the Nicholas Meeting of the Mosquito Indians, Will and Robin, at Juan Fernandez Several vessels captured on the coast A design on Truxillo abandoned Death of Cook Buried on shore Narrow escape of the party on shore Davis elected captain Transactions at Amapalla Eaton and Davis separate Davis joined by other pirates Paita attacked and burnt Attempt on Guayaquil abandoned A packet-boat captured Hear of the sailing of the Plata fleet Lay in wait for it off New Panama Attempts of the Spaniards with a fire-ship Large parties of pirates unite Plan to attack Panama Encounters a Spanish fleet Stratagem of the Spaniards to place the pirates in a disadvantageous position The Spanish fleet escapes Lexa and Leon plundered Swan proposes to cross the Pacific Santa Pecaque plundered A large body of the rovers massacred The prisoners set on shore on a desert island The Cygnet prepared for crossing the Pacific Dampier cured of a dropsy.