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Ancient voyagers in arctic seas Parry's voyage in command of the Alexander Under Captain John Ross Parry's first expedition with the Hecla and Griper The ice reached Danger among icebergs The vessels freed Steer westward A way cut through the ice Enter Lancaster Sound Sail up it till stopped by the ice Reach longitude 110 degrees west A passage cut through the ice into a harbour in Melville Island Preparations for passing the winter A paper established Plays acted An observatory and house built on shore The former catches fire Many of the men frost-bitten while extinguishing the flames All animals quit the country Scurvy appears Mustard and cress grown Employments of officers and men Excursions on shore Ice begins to break up Get out of harbour Attempt to sail westward defeated Return Parry's second expedition with Fury and Hecla in 1821 to Hudson's Bay Dangers among icebergs and floes Visited by Esquimaux Fox's Channel and Repulse Bay reached Further explorations made No opening found More natives appear Ships frozen in near Lyon Inlet Plays acted A school established Natives come on board Native village Honesty and intelligence of natives A clever woman Iliglink and her son The Esquimaux leave them Ships again put to sea In fearful danger Fury and Hecla Strait reached Attempt to pass through it Go into winter quarters Natives appear Winter less pleasantly spent than the former Great difficulty in escaping Parry's wish to remain overruled Ships swept along by the current Sail homewards Reception at Lerwick Parry's third voyage in the Hecla and Fury, 1824 Accompanied by the William Harris transport Call off Lievely Reach Lancaster Sound Are frozen up in Port Eowen Masquerades Good conduct of the men Progress in the school Expedition on shore Ships get out of harbour In fearful danger The Fury wrecked and abandoned The Hecla refitted, sails homeward, and safely reaches England Remarks on Admiral Sir Edward Parry.