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A temporary calm Louis XIII Marie de Medicis purchases the Marquisate of Ancre for Concini Rapid rise of his fortunes His profusion He intrigues to create dissension among the Princes of the Blood His personal endowments The Duc de Bouillon endeavours to induce M. de Condé to revolt He fails He disposes of his office at Court to the Marquis d'Ancre Marie de Medicis continues the public edifices commenced and projected by Henri IV Zeal of the Duc de Mayenne Cupidity of the Court M. de Condé and his advisers The Prince and the Minister Forebodings of Sully He determines to resign office His unpopularity The Regent refuses to accept his resignation The war in Germany The Regent resolves to despatch an army to Clèves The Duc de Bouillon demands the command of the troops Is refused by the Council Retires in disgust to Sedan The command is conferred on the Maréchal de la Châtre A bootless campaign The French troops return home New dissensions at Court The Duc d'Epernon becomes the declared enemy of the Protestants Apprehensions of the reformed party Quarrel of Sully and Villeroy The Regent endeavours to effect a reconciliation with the Prince de Conti Princely wages M. de Conti returns to Court The Princes of the Blood attend the Parliament The Marquis d'Ancre is admitted to the State Council Sully and Bouillon retire from the capital Sully resolves to withdraw from the Government, but is again induced to retain office The King and Père Cotton The Court leave Paris for Rheims Coronation of Louis XIII His public entry into the capital The Prince de Condé and the Comte de Soissons are reconciled Quarrel between the Marquis d'Ancre and the Duc de Bellegarde Cabal against Sully The Huguenots petition for a General Assembly Reluctance of the Regent to concede their demand She finds herself compelled to comply M. de Villeroy garrisons Lyons Sully retires from the Ministry Demands of the Princes Sully's last official act His parting interview with Louis XIII The Minister and the Mountebanks.