Eden's neighbour, had not quite settled her penny-club affairs, and remained a little longer. An unassuming and lightly- principled person was Mrs. Grey, and Lily enjoyed a talk with her, while she was waiting for the purple stuff frock which Jane was measuring off for Kezia. They spoke of the children, and of a few other little matters, and presently something was said about Mrs.

"'You may tire of the gaol and the workhouse, And take to allotments and schools, But you've run up a debt that will never Be repaid us by penny-club rules. "In the season of shame and sadness, In the dark and dreary day When scrofula, gout, and madness, Are eating your race away;

Towards his sisters he had become courteous, he was fairly amiable to Aunt Maria, very attentive to grandmamma, overflowing with affection to Mrs. Kendal, and as to little Maurice, he almost adored him, and awakened a reciprocity which was the delight of his heart. At Midsummer came the grand penny-club distribution, the triumph for which Albinia had so long been preparing. One of Mrs.

"If thou wouldst reap in love, First sow in holy fear." On Monday morning, as soon as breakfast was over, Elizabeth and Katherine went to the school to receive the penny-club money, and to change the lending library books. They were occupied in this manner for about half an hour; and on their return, Elizabeth went to Mrs.