Hear him in a lunacy case listen to the deep and subtle distinctions he draws between the symptoms of mere eccentricity and erring intellect remark how insignificant the physician appears in the case, who has made these things the study of a life long hear how the barrister confounds him with a hail-storm of technicals talking of the pineal gland as if it was an officer of the court, and of atrophy of the cerebral lobes, as if he was speaking of an attorney’s clerk.

Having delivered our credentials to the servant who answered our knock at the door of the governor’s house, we were ushered into the ‘office;’ a little room, on the right-hand side as you enter, with two windows looking into the Old Bailey: fitted up like an ordinary attorney’s office, or merchant’s counting-house, with the usual fixtures—a wainscoted partition, a shelf or two, a desk, a couple of stools, a pair of clerks, an almanack, a clock, and a few maps.

‘I think he’s on the box, sir,’ said the young gentleman before noticed in the pink shirt, which looked like a white one ruled with red ink. ‘I want to be set down!’ said Dumps in a faint voice, overcome by his previous efforts. ‘I think these cads want to be set down,’ returned the attorney’s clerk, chuckling at his sally. ‘Hollo!’ cried Dumps again. ‘Hollo!’ echoed the passengers.

We are unable to guess precisely to our own satisfaction what station the man can have occupied before; we should think he had been an inferior sort of attorney’s clerk, or else the master of a national schoolwhatever he was, it is clear his present position is a change for the better.