I gin her only harsh words and cross looks." Then as his wife’s tears mingled with his, he took her hand, saying, "Don’t take on so, Nancy, you’ve nothin’ to cry for. You’s always good to her and kind o’ took up for her when I got sot ag’in her." Mrs.

Upon a large flat rock Uncle Joshua sat down, while his long gray locks were tossed by the November wind which swept mournfully by, bearing on its wing the bitter tones with which the stricken father bewailed his loss. "Everything goes ag’in me," said he, "everythingshe’s dead and, worse than all, died by her own hand."

She tried to smile and ask how far Miranda was going. “Oh, I’m goin’ to hunt fer wild strawberries,” said the girl nonchalantly clattering a big tin pail. “Isn’t it early yet for strawberries?” questioned Marcia. “Well, mebbe, an’ then ag’in mebbe ’tain’t. I know a place I’m goin’ to look anyway. Are you goin’ ’s fur ’s the Green Tavern?”

Never had the singing to these dances seemed so absurd. "Hawk hop out and the crow hop in, Three hands round and go it ag’in. Allemane left, back to the missus, Grande right and left and sneak a few kisses." He rushed from the room and down to the stable. At sight of him some one leaped on a horse and rode out into the darkness. "Who was that?" asked Texas of a man lounging by the corral.

Jimmy, here, is about as able to take over a homestead as they are. Do you reckon that boy Ambrosch has any real push in him?” “He’s a worker, all right, mam, and he’s got some ketch-on about him; but he’s a mean one. Folks can be mean enough to get on in this world; and then, ag’in, they can be too mean.” That night, while grandmother was getting supper, we opened the package Mrs.