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then mother made me go in a room on the other side of the house, but i coodent sleep and she let me get up at super time. when father come home he said the tiger had carrid of and et up a bull over to Kingston and he gessed he was coming this way, but i wasent scart. well after super i split my kindlings and me and Beany went down town. we went to doctor Derborns store and got sum soda water and Beany he paid for it. then we got sum goozeberries of old Si Smiths and i paid for them and then we went over to Beanys and got a lot of sweet firn segars and then we went down town agen. we went into stores and looked at things and we went down to the warf and then we went acrost to the raceway and went in swiming. it was kind of cold and we dident stay in very long. then it began to be dark and we went back to water street and staid in the stores til the nine oh clock bell rung and then we went back home. the folks was all setting on the front steps. so me and Beany set down two and bimeby the folks said they must go in and they all went in and shet the door. it made me feel lonesum when i herd them lock the door. it must be prety tuf on fellers whitch havent got enny home. then me and Beany went over to his house and set on the steps til his folks went in and shet the door and then we set on the fence under the gas lite and we herd Nat Weeks come home and mister Gewell and bimeby Si Smith shet up his store and then it begun to be loansum. so we went down as fer as the swamscot house and they was a lite in sum of the rooms and we set down on old Kellogs steps and talked. bimeby old Straton the gas man come round with a little ladder and clim up and put out the gas and then it was prety dark. then Beany he said less go up to Pewts and yowl like cats. so we went up into Pewts garden and we begun to yowl feerful like cats and bimeby Pewts father opened a window and holered scat you devils and jest then Nat Weeks he stuck his head out and he holered scat two. and then we kep still a minit and Pewts father said i wish there wasent a cussid cat alive and Nat Weeks he said so two and then they went to bed agen. bimeby we begun to yowl agen and then we yowled jest like cats fiting and Pewts father opened the window agen and pluged a club out into the yard and holered scat and then we kep still and we herd him tell Nat Weeks that he had got his gun loded and if he herd it go of he needent be sirprized. so you bet we dident yowl agen. so after Pewts father and Nat Weeks had gone to bed agen we clim over the fence esy and went of up towards Gilmans barn.